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The Story

About us

Malene, Zoé and Christian

Christian and Malene represent the dynamic duo behind Dansk Copenhagen. They form the second generation of the family company, which was founded nearly 50 years ago in Copenhagen, and today they hold one of Scandinavia's largest collections of jewelry and accessories. With Malene as the strong, creative force behind the brand and Christian as the determined, driven director, the company has undergone an exciting development over the years. Since the beginning, the duo has offered unique designs at attractive prices and raised the level of fashion jewelry. Today, 10 dedicated employees are working form the headquarter in Copenhagen, and each one brings the company forward with their individual skills combined with shared ambitions and goals.

 "Our universe has always been about the Scandinavian approach to design with simplicity at the center. I want to offer beautiful and inspirational jewelry to enable you to create your own, personal expression," Malene says.

"I am inspired by the trends of the seasons, but we remain true to our Scandinavian heritage and perfect our modern Dansk expressions. The most beautiful jewelry are the ones that highlight your unique style and show exactly what mood you are in. In our world with different styles represented in our collections, you can be sure to find just the right jewelry and accessories for every occasion. It is so important to me that my jewellery gives you the desire to explore boundaries, combine your jewelry again and create a unique expression time after time."

You will quickly realize how easily you can combine our collections with each other and create amazing stylings - exactly as it should be!


The Office Mascot


Zoé is the family's Great Dane who naturally has his own space with soft pillows in the middle of the office. Zoe is like most of her breed - very comfortably disposed. Zoe's role in the company is therefore to create a stress free environment through her very relaxing approach to life.

  Family Time

The Storm Family

We and Zoe spend our free time in the stables with our horses Copperfield, Zenon Blue, F/S Davidorff and Storms Tempesta. It's a great contrast to the high pace of the fashion industry.

The picture is several years old - and you may recognize the young girl on the left in the picture. It is Isabella - who is 18 years old today and the model of all our campaigns and brochures. Maybe she will be 3rd generation ..... ????

The King Frederik IX Export Award

Export Award

In 2014, Dansk Copenhagen received the King Frederik IX Export Award

 90% of our sales come from outside the Danish border, and we have a very strong cooperation with agents and distributors in Europe and the USA. Based on this, we received the Export Award in 2014. The prize is awarded once a year to 5 Danish companies that have contributed with extraordinary efforts to the benefit of Danish exports. We were therefore very proud when we were to receive the award on the Royal Ship Dannebrog handed over by Prince Henrik.

Children with Cancer

Every year, Dansk Copenhagen supports Families With Children with Cancer

 We contribute to personal contact and support for families with children who suffers from cancer. The association is spreading awareness of the conditions under which children and adolescents with cancer and their families live. We have both had the disease very close in to our life, so it is natural for us to contribute to this project.

Gazelle Award

Danish Copenhagen has repeatedly won the Danish Gazelle Prize, which is awarded to fast-growing companies that has at least doubled its revenue over a four-year period.

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